Total engine oils have developed using the most advanced technology available, and together offer improved fuel efficiency, greater reliability and longer drain intervals, for optimal maintenance costs and longer engine life. A full range of these products is stocked including the fully synthetic Rubia TIR 9200 for the ultimate in performance and protection.

A full range of transmission fluids for both manual and automatic gearboxes is available. These are approved for use in all major makes of vehicles, meeting the highest specifications required.

The Azolla range of premium quality antiwear hydraulic oil comes in many different viscosities, it is therefore possible to supply you with the exact product needed for your use. For high pressure or high temperature use the Equivis range is also stocked.

All these lubricants are available in a large range of pack sizes. Multi-purpose as well as specialist use greases (such as fifth wheel greases) are also supplied. TOTAL produce TOTAL LHM PLUS, the fluid for use in the hydraulic and braking system of Citroen cars. This is the place to source one of the favourite hand cleaners, Natraclens, to.

TOTAL's agricultural range of lubricants offers a wide range of applications, whether it's multi-grade engine oil for tractors, or specialist products for milking machine lubrication, quality, performance and reliability is vital to ensure your equipment is protected and running at maximum efficiency.

Multi functional oils offer the convenience of a universal tractor lubricant providing protection that meets virtually every agricultural tractor lubrication requirement reducing the number of grades and preventing expensive breakdowns due to misapplications. Multagri TM is one of our best selling multi-use oils.